C A E D I A 

welcome to the land of dragons...


  1. Do not wander outside your territory
  2. Do not communicate with a dragon that isn't of your species
  3. A commoner cannot fall in love with a Royal or Heir
  4. A Healer cannot mate
  5. The Queens word is the code


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Queen;; The female leader and most powerful in the tribe.

Royal;; An important young male. Powerful after the Queen.

Heir;; An important young female. Powerful after the Royal.

Healer;; One most knowledgeable about healing and herbs.

Hunter;; The tribe assassins. Each tribe has five. When one dies a hatchling is trained to replace them.

Commoners;; The other members in the tribe.

If you wish to have a high position, please PM the sites owner or administrators.


Tribe Scales

In each tribe, dragons have the same colour of scales (in different shades).

Fire; Red

Water; Blue

Air; Yellow

Earth; Brown

Night; Black